To place an order, insert the wanted quantity and click on the shopping cart icon or on BUY. If you sing, dance, are an amateur or a professional. For a while, this was the only top-rate flamenco metronome out there. Welcome to one of the most active flamenco sites on the Internet. At the time it was the most useful thing out there.

oscar herrero metronome

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oscar herrero metronome

For a while, this was the only top-rate metronlme metronome out there. If you sing, … Read more. But as time went on used it less and less.

oscar herrero metronome

Can’t seem to give mine away Michael, I have an Oscar Herrero metronome and like it very much. People interested in this item also bought: DVD Flamenco music Videos. Most of these would get on my nerves after a while.

Mix the instruments as you want. I think it’s becoming obsolete with the iPhone apps that are now available. I have the only software version of the metronome; it comes with a USB key. Then you will visualize the products included in your shopping cart. Visual Method of Flamenco Guitar Vol. Still it is what it say’s it is and a useful practice tool and glad it osczr there at the time But now?


This second volume revie… See detailed information Quick view. Combine the instruments to your liking. Unless it went down in price recently. To advertise on this site mftronome contact us. For the first time, all of the flamenco palos forms are analysed from a strictly rhythmic and musical perspective.


Maybe you can find a used one on the foro. You connect it to your computer, compose new rhythms, practice and send the data to the flamenco metronome. If you sing, dance, are an amateur or a professional. San Francisco Bay Area. Then you get your metronome, your phone, your camera, your video camera, your web browser, et cetera et herrdro.

oscar herrero metronome

These days, one might as well buy an iPhone and one of the flamenco metronome apps. Reviews Write a comment. With integral loudspeaker and earphones to bring it with you or connect it to your Hi-Fi to get the maximum quality. We use own and third party cookies to improve the navigation osscar. Created by flamencos, for flamencos.


The Oscar Herrero Flamenco Metronome

There is this one here, and it also serves as a tuner. Shopping process 1- View shopping cart 2- Shipping details 3- Order processed. We receive 12, visitors a month from countries and 1. The plus is that it holds tempo, the minus is that you need the user manual because it is far than intuitive, also you need to plug it in the wall because it eats up batteries like crazy, 5 hours and they are dead.

To place an order, insert the wanted quantity and click on the shopping cart icon or on BUY. If you are looking for flamenco musicvideo or DVDplease visit: Oscar Herrero Catalogue version to print. I believe I paid 80 Euros for it on sale.