He relates those sayings that many quote him for generations during chat sessions by Menzumas. A very common Menzuma is chanting in a melodious recitation of Mawlid, praising the Prophet Peace be upon him , and sending Salaams on him. The poem starts with Arabic, and then it shifts to Amharic. It brings about spiritual fulfillment. Mejlis is a place where people gather for spiritual purpose like prayer, solat, Dua, preaching and other forms of worship. It is an art of its own kind. Code mixing and code switching:

islamic menzuma

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Menzuma Amharic Islamic Menzuma

A great deal of borrowed words is used in Menzuma. Some of the most common words include in Table 3. Manzuma plays sentimental function for Wollo Muslims. As the speech community justify such a use, Amharic is not sufficient to explain Islam. Wollo is a place where people of different ethnic groups, beliefs and cultures are believed to have coexisted peacefully.

ethiopian muslim weddying menzuma

Because it is musical, people like to move, stand up and make some kind of dance like movement. There is an extensive code mixing and code switching between Arabic and Amharic in Menzuma. It is the major purpose of Menzuma to order good and forbid from isslamic. It is a very common melodic panegyric for the Muslim Community of Wollo.


islamic menzuma

Many of the menzumas are concerned with one or the other of menzumma following themes. Such writing system is known as Ajemi. It is a social practice. There are also those borrowed words especially from Arabic that only the scholars understand.

Menzuma serves as a major mechanism of expression of love for Allah and Prophet Muhammed.

islamic menzuma

It is quite an art with its unique way. A very common Menzuma is chanting in a melodious recitation of Mawlid, praising the Prophet Peace be upon himand sending Salaams on him. Menzuma plays a great moral value.

Amharic variety of Wollo: These people are known even outside of Wollo. This refers to the kind of pattern formed by a series of notes differing in duration and stress.

Pharmaceutical Sciences Journals Ann Jose ankara escort. They say that it is theirs and some kind of owning or belongingness is attached to it when they hear it. Shekh Husein has his own chorus. Not menzums Menzumas accompany drum and clapping. In this regard, Shekh Husein Jibril menzuna a great person who is known by his amazing sayings. These great scholars are known by their Menzumas. Menzuma is an art.


Menzuma | Abbay Media

It is a great skill and performance. There is this inexpressible and unjustifiable internal feeling that makes them happy that is related to their emotion when manzuma is recited. It gives honorific titles for mejzuma who are the vocalists.

Some of the functions of Menzuma for the Wollo Muslim Community include the following. Some of the most common Ramsa he uses include:. Menzuma serves different functions for the Muslim community of Wollo.

The script they are familiar with is Arabic, so they accommodate Islamid scripts to write Amharic verses.

islamic menzuma

After the first three Arabic verses, the poem shifts the code from Arabic to mixing Amharic and Arabic.